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intrion becomes ABB Robotics Solutions N.V.

Successful integration of intrion into the ABB organisation: intrion becomes “ABB Robotics Solutions N.V.” from the 1st of January 2020

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New EDC for Van Marcke: from 0 to 70% automation

intrion redesigned that the logistic flow of the 30,000 SKUs handled by the EDC, ranging from miniscule connection pieces to an entire jacuzzi. 70% of the order-picking now runs completely automatically. It’s been made possible by 88 shuttles that are constantly moving between the warehouse and the conveyor belt... Read more

Heemskerk Fresh & Easy already ordering a second unit

Heemskerk wants to respond flexibly to the growing market of cut vegetables, fruit and pre-made salads. As such, they will soon have fully automated order-picking in their different branches. The construction on the first unit is underway and will be operational in May. In the meantime, the company has already ordered a second distribution unit with at least 10 robots. Crispy fresh technology guaranteed!

ABB completes acquisition of intrion

ABB announced it has completed its acquisition of intrion. intrion has been an ABB Authorized Value Provider since 2010, and has grown its business to become a well-established logistics automation solutions integrator in Benelux. It will become part of ABB’s Robotics and Motion division, serving as a new regional application center for robotics and logistics in Europe. Read more