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intrion becomes ABB Robotics Solutions N.V.

Successful integration of intrion into the ABB organisation: intrion becomes “ABB Robotics Solutions N.V.” from the 1st of January 2020

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ABB and Covariant put their shoulders under AI robotics solutions

Our leadership in robotics combined with Covariant’s AI technology opens a new world of opportunities. This brand new partnership with the Silicon Valley start-up has already been welcomed by our customer Active Ants B.V. As a leading provider for e-commerce fulfillment services in the Netherlands, Active Ants invests in AI robotics technology. Our added value: reinforcement learning. This enables their robots to correctly identify and handle fast changing amounts and types of products.

Transport & Logistics Awards 2020

On Thursday 20 February, the awards for the Best Logistics Projects in Belgium 2019 were presented at the Transport & Logistics Awards ceremony in Mechelen. The results: 1) Van Marcke EDC Kortrijk; 2) DHL Roeselare; 3) STOCKHABO. We are very proud that two of them are projects designed and installed by ABB Robotics Solutions!

New EDC for Van Marcke: from 0 to 70% automation

intrion redesigned that the logistic flow of the 30,000 SKUs handled by the EDC, ranging from miniscule connection pieces to an entire jacuzzi. 70% of the order-picking now runs completely automatically. It’s been made possible by 88 shuttles that are constantly moving between the warehouse and the conveyor belt... Read more