It feels very good here at the new business premises of our business centre GG126, where we officially took occupancy last Friday. If you were there yourself at the opening event, you will surely agree that there is a definite spirit of innovation in the air that helps foster and encourage the creativity of our team.

And if you couldn’t be there, we’d like to tell you all about the main events and what went on. You can also take a look at the photos and little film clip we shot of the goings on and of the new location itself. That way you can get to know something about our new environment and feel at home when we meet to discuss your next project. Because we’re already looking forward to getting to work on it.

You & me

youandmeOne of the attention-grabbers at the opening was YuMi. Thishuman collaborative robot was first introduced just a few months ago by ABB at the prestigious Hannover Messe. YuMi stands for you & me and ushers in a new era of collaboration between robots and humans. During our event, visitors were able to work interactively with YuMi to assemble a USB stick.


400 madeleines per minute

madeleinesIn our brand-new assembly unit, demonstrations included a fully automatic robot picker line, which can pack 400 madeleine sponge cakes a minute into boxes. Another line for the pharmaceuticals sector demonstrated how a robot places customised labels and fills trays automatically with vials. Because that’s what we’re good at: providing integrated automation solutions, both for production and logistics processes.


Jef Colruyt

colruytYou are probably aware that intrion used to be part of the Colruyt Group. And while we have been steering our own course through life since 2012, we still have good links with Colruyt. In fact, Jef Colruyt was at the opening in person and wished his former disciples the very best of luck. He also talked about the importance of automation if we are to remain competitive against companies in Eastern Europe and China.


Driving force

motorThe opening festivities saw intrion write a new chapter in its story of successful growth. “The driving force behind our success,” CEO Gerard Paulussen told the gathering, “is that we create sustainable added value by designing smart mechanised solutions and tailoring them for our customers. The fact that we are independent is crucial, because it enables us to pick and choose the (sub-)systems we use and incorporate the parts that are best suited to the real needs of the customer.” It is this success that has made opening the new operating complex in Huizingen possible.


More pictures of the opening event and family day

See for yourself what you missed – or experience it all over again.