intrion speaks at E-fulfilment event

intrion at e-fulfilment event
intrion was guest speaker at the E-fulfilment event. Our case about an automatic warehouse for multichannel deliveries at Bijou made an impression...

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intrion donates ICT materials to developing countries

Close the Gap collects used ICT materials from donors, cleaning it back up to be used to support international learning and development projects. This gives underprivileged groups the opportunity to acquire computer skills. intrion supports this organisation.

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Forward-thinking automation for Puratos packaging line

Puratos has selected intrion to automate its packaging line for O-tentic products. We're moving an existing line, building a new line, and provisioning a potential third line while we're at it. Each line can produce every type of package. This solution's great flexibility means Puratos can keep up with demand at all times.

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Never get nuts: intrion brings tranquillity to the donut line

Vandemoortele in Seneffe produces frozen donuts in various sizes and colours, which means their packaging line needs to be flexible and rapidly adjustable. In addition, donuts production cannot just be stopped if a fault develops in the line somewhere. intrion constructed an installation prepared to meet every eventuality.

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PreSize NV finishes complete relocation and upgrade in record time

PreSize is our construction company that helps us with the production and engineering of machine components. They deliver turning, milling, laser and welding supplies with additional services like pre-assembly, converting machinery, integration of new size parts,… Thanks to PreSize, Larmuseau could reveal its renewed automated production line to an admiring public during its Open House Day.

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Fast conversion from A to Zero complaints

This is the season Santa Claus makes millions of children happy with sweets. But we managed to make a leading player in the confectionery sector even happier. How? By rapidly converting an automation machine for a new product size.

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What’s empty but full of value?

Retail Partners Colruyt Group, the parent company to the Spar and Alvo shopping chains, has decided to automate the sorting of empty bottle crates returning from the market. It is the move to the company’s new location in Mechelen which offered the perfect motivation to invest in automation.

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3D Printing: the right technology for intrion

The lower the weight of a robot gripper or claw, the shorter the cycle time. That is why intrion chose to use 3D printing to produce durable lightweight parts for high-speed robots. intrion appreciated the freedom of design 3D printing offers, making it easier to design parts with a higher level of complexity and functionality than is possible with traditional techniques. And thanks to this technology, channels for wires, cables and air can easily be integrated into the design without driving up the costs. Plus, 3D printing makes it possible to design, test and deliver parts such as new grippers in less than two weeks.

Multi-palletizing of Baby Milk Powder

In our last newsletter, you read all about a project for a manufacturer of baby milk powder. This company would now also like to invest in automation for further multi-palletizing. A robot will group the shipping cartons from two different lines and stack them on multiple pallets. The whole assembly will be operational in September 2015.

Do Fragile Patisserie Products and Robots Mix?

Last time, we examined a large international player in industrial bakery products.

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