YuMi® robot’s first use in a Belgian company

This summer, intrion completed the first project using ABB’s collaborative YuMi® robot. This premier creation will go to one of our pharmaceutical customers.

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Two projects in the pipeline for Datwyler

Datwyler, a Swiss manufacturer of rubber components for the automotive and healthcare sectors, has partnered with intrion to build an installation for the automatic packaging and palletising of rubber materials. It’s the story of robotics that begins on the east coast of the USA in 2018, and will continue with us in Alken (Province of Limburg).

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intrion donates ICT materials to developing countries

Close the Gap collects used ICT materials from donors, cleaning it back up to be used to support international learning and development projects. This gives underprivileged groups the opportunity to acquire computer skills. intrion supports this organisation.

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Fully automated inspection of 600 vials per minute

We recently upped the automation of an existing inspection line at Pfizer in Puurs, increasing its capacity to 600 vials per minute. The line, which checks 'white stock' vials for conformity and appropriate sealing, was upgraded to fully automated input and outflow.

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Alert! Memory overflow!

Could a sudden fault in the server due to memory overflow damage your business? Never let it get that far. intrion Support can perform proactive checks via network monitoring to prevent downtime. We use a Zabbix application for this. This application is supported by a monitoring kit, VPN access and intrion Support engineers to guarantee the continuity of your processes.

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3D Printing: the right technology for intrion

The lower the weight of a robot gripper or claw, the shorter the cycle time. That is why intrion chose to use 3D printing to produce durable lightweight parts for high-speed robots. intrion appreciated the freedom of design 3D printing offers, making it easier to design parts with a higher level of complexity and functionality than is possible with traditional techniques. And thanks to this technology, channels for wires, cables and air can easily be integrated into the design without driving up the costs. Plus, 3D printing makes it possible to design, test and deliver parts such as new grippers in less than two weeks. 3dprintbarometer.com

Unpacking safe packs? intrion does it automatically!

Janssen Pharmaceutica in Beerse has raised the level of automation involved with their syrup line. The empty glass syrup bottles that need to be filled are now securely packed into safe packs which use strong shrink film.

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Integration project with 25 subcontractors

An important international player in the baby milk powder market, Janssen Pharmaceutica, has ordered a second filling and packing line as well as a third canning line from intrion. The production line will fill premium packages with the powder, ready for the Chinese market.

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New serialisation project for Baxter Medical Products

Another client commits to serialisation! Baxter Lessines will now serialise its packing line for bags of solutions and emulsions used in parenteral nutrition, best known as ‘Baxters’.

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Aggregation project for a large global player in the eye care industry

We have started a new aggregation project on a site in the United States for one of the largest global players in the eye care industry. Their mission: to develop innovative products that help people to see better. They support care professionals with products and tools designed to guarantee their patients the best treatment and results. intrion assists this company in realising their mission. How? With the automated aggregation of products in boxes for the global market.