Are your packaging lines ready for serialisation?

Dr. Alexander Jansen, Manager Packaging Materials Baxter:
"intrion did not disappoint us to get our first lines ready for serialized packaging with the inspection system of our choice! The machines, both for item level serialization and shipper case level aggregation have proven to be reliant and efficient. The impact on our existing lines was minimized and the intrion team open in communication and inventive in their approach.”

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Pharmaceutical companies are discovering the advantages of ‘brite stock’

It’s a familiar fact: pharmaceutical production is becoming less efficient, meaning that it often has to be done in small batches. Janssen Pharmaceutica in Beerse also struggled with this problem.

Eric Kooremans, Sr. Manager Project Management Janssen Supply Chain
"We wanted to switch to more efficient production by making 'brite stock'. In this way, we can uncouple production from final packaging. We needed a partner with experience in this type of complex combinations of production and internal logistics. We found that partner in intrion."

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Yet another customer on track to achieving reliably serialised packaging

We are once again delighted to count an important Belgian company among our clientele in the pharmaceutical sector. In the short term, we are implementing for this multinational two different item-level serialisation solutions, customised to two packaging lines. The impact on the existing lines is minimal.

Serialisation: what will change for you?

In order to prevent counterfeit products entering circulation, an increasing number of countries are introducing laws requiring producers of pharmaceuticals to provide each packet of drugs with a unique random number. This way, it becomes possible to check, using a central database, whether a drug is genuine and in which part of the supply chain it can be found.

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Whether your system is fully automated or manuel, intrion will find your best solution

We'd be happy to create a serialisation module for your fully automated line. This means that the system will print and check the unique code (2D, data matrix or numeric code) on each package and remove unreadable items immediately.
We can also create customised mobile units that register the correlation between the various items and types of packaging when items are being packed by hand into transport boxes or palletised.

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