ABB - Intrion

intrion packages the new Refresco pouches

The installation is of course custom-made. The design had to be modified constantly because each change in the pouch’s design had repercussions on packaging and handling.

The basis of the complete system is the filling machine that makes the pouches, fills them and provides them with a non-spill top.The clever part of this installation is the connection between the filling machine and the intrion equipment: the conveyor tracks and the Somic wrap-around case-packers. In the first Somic machine, the pouches are packed in consumer cases. These consumer cases are then packed into transport cases by the second Somic. The transport cases are then stacked and sent to the automatic warehouse. The line produces around 6,000 pouches per hour, which comes to nine million units this year.

Further development of the process is currently under way. Optimisation of the conveyor system will provide more buffer and even higher efficiency. The market response is extremely positive, so Refresco is already focusing on plans for additional product lines. “This will make the production of 56 million articles feasible in 2015”, says technical manager Hugo Van Put.

The overall solution offered with intrion’s i-concept Food, the innovative ideas, and definitely also the continuous development and partner support has reinforced Refresco’s choice of intrion for this project.