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Kissing robots

Pfizer discovers, develops, manufactures and distributes innovative vaccines and medicines that improve the life expectancy and quality of life of humans and animals at every stage of life. Pfizer has become the leading biopharmaceutical company in the world and employs more than 100 000 people in 150 countries. Puurs is home to the larges European production unit and Pfizer has been working with intrion for many years at this location.

This fruitful collaboration, intrion’s experience in the pharmaceutical industry, the competitive cost of the solution offered and the geographical proximity are what prompted Pfizer, after an extensive feasibility study, to choose intrion’s i-concept Pharma for a new project at the heart of the factory.

Jan Dams of the engineering department, who is also Project Manager for the installation which is now undergoing test runs in Puurs, explains:
“intrion executed the project within their aptly-named i-concept Pharma, which means that the problem is approached from A to Z by the intrion team, albeit within the limits of the scope. Together with intrion, we opted for  full-blown robotic automation, which means that two sets of two robots together perform the assembly of a medical device and a fifth robot places the devices into a tray. This is done at a speed of more than 50 pieces per minute. A total of 4 cameras, each with their specific lighting, ensure the correct assembly of the devices as it’s crucial that they are free of any visible trace of “mechanical” manipulation. Existing technology, such as the vibrating bowl that supplies the individual components, is integrated by intrion, but the overall concept of the entire line is a pure intrion solution: compact and fitting perfectly into our layout.”