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PreSize NV finishes complete relocation and upgrade in record time

Visitors enjoy the renewed production line demonstration


PreSize is our construction company that helps us with the production and engineering of machine components. They deliver turning, milling, laser and welding supplies with additional services like pre-assembly, converting machinery, integration of new size parts,… Thanks to PreSize, Larmuseau could reveal its renewed automated production line to an admiring public during its Open House Day.


Let’s return for a moment to 2 October, the Open House Day…

Larmuseau of Gent, which has been producing the authentic (and delicious!) ‘Gent snowballs’ since 1913, proudly presented its renewed automated production line to an admiring public. The company recently moved to its new location in the Eeklostraat in Mariakerke, as it had outgrown its previous site. From September through to March the company currently produces 40,000 snowballs a day. It is a fascinating and wonderful sight to see the sweets pass through the chocolate and the powder sugar.



We’ll return even further back, to the middle of July

Larmuseau is in its summer down period and still located at the Eilanderskaai in Langerbrugge. The ‘Gent snowballs’ are growing in popularity, but the production line is truly is beginning to creak. Time is pressurised: the snowball season will start again in September. Who can meet the challenge to not only move but also upgrade the production line inside six weeks, and during the holiday season? PreSize!

PreSize, an intrion subsidiary company, dismantles the old production line step by step, disassembling all the production machines with due consideration to their later reassembly. We revise the machines in our own workshop; mechanically, electrically and pneumatically. Our technicians design and produce the components and replacement parts in-house on our CNC lathes and milling machines. Various suppliers might be on holiday, but the machines need to be ready to run and at the same time meet all the hygiene and safety requirements.


A hot August, as September approaches fast

In August we put everything back together in Eeklostraat, including cabling and control. We work 24/7, to ensure a successful conclusion! We follow the first production runs on the spot and after a few production and cooling challenges, the September restart is a resounding success. Generally, with everything going well, such an operation can be completed in three months. Daily communication, mutual trust and the decision to leave (almost) everything in the hands of PreSize resulted in the job being delivered in six weeks. Not for nothing, our maxim is: Your ‘Piece’ of Mind!

Thanks to this successful project, PreSize are involved in safeguarding the correct running of the production line. We are also responsible for the periodical maintenance of the machines. Larmuseau and the PreSize team consult regularly with the aim of improving efficiency and increasing safety. Because there is no stopping it; snowballs will continue selling…