ABB - Intrion

Versatile packing machine with smart ‘what if?’ features

Three machines in one compact frame

This customised pasta pot packer combines three units in one: a carton-shaper, a pick&placer and a carton-sealer. All in a frame measuring barely 3 metres in length. The unit has a particularly sturdy frame, because the picker generates acceleration speeds of up to 10G! And it has to go quickly, too: the individual pasta pots arrive on average every 0.6 seconds, or 90 pots per minute.

For cartons, trays and cases

Your customers all have their individual requirements. Customer A wants sealed cartons, Customer B likes open cardboard trays, Customer C has a preference for plastic cases. Well, with this machine our customer is able to keep all of its own customers happy. In less than 5 minutes the machine can be set manually for the next production run. And if it has to be faster, it can also run fully automatically.

What happens if something goes wrong? Then there’s plan B, plan C, plan D and so on

This pasta pot packer is particularly attractive for its versatility and compact structure. But what makes it truly unique are the numerous built-in features that take over if something goes wrong. For instance, what happens if a pot is not correctly sealed? Or if the carton-shaper jams? Or if the picker fails? Well, intrion has built in a work-around solution for those pots that just keep on coming so lightning-fast. That way the pasta pot packer stays nice and clean and the customer doesn’t have to throw anything away.

Yet more automation

For this customer, the palletisation process is still manual. But because they are so compact, the future will see even more of these packing machines. And when that happens, the final step in the packaging process will take place automatically via a multi-palletiser.

And what happens if this multi-palletiser suddenly… Stop! We already have a solution in mind!