Are your packaging lines ready for serialisation?


Many pharmaceutical companies are confronted by practical obstacles when they want to prepare their existing packaging lines for serialisation. Installation space, speed, data matrix and variable data: a supplier of standard solutions is not always aware of your specific needs. The printing needs to be slightly different or the size range is inadequate…

PBL_news-pharma_verkleindNot with intrion! We offer a solution tailored to virtually every serialisation problem, for both existing and new lines. Both for fully automated and manual processes.

Moreover, intrion works completely independently. Whatever your serialisation platform is, we integrate the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 inspection system of your choice. Also for printing the unique codes (2D data matrix, 1D or variable data), we customise the unit to the requirements of your product. Inkjet or laser technology, an additional label… So much is possible with intrion.

PV_News-pharma_verkleindWe also offer a suitable solution for aggregation of bundles, e.g. by applying and checking labels that are preprinted or not in the flow. If you then aggregate the shipping boxes manually, our mobile Pack-by-Layer unit is indispensable. The serial numbers of each box are automatically linked by cameras to the unique label on the boxes and stored. So you can entrust them to the supply chain with confidence.


That’s why customers rely on intrion:

  •   We work with you to find the best solution to your problem. We then implement the selected solution ourselves and monitor your automation project from A to Z.
  •  intrion can adapt existing lines quickly and with little impact.
  •  intrion is an independent integrator; e.g. we integrate the inspection system of your choice.


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janssens_Baxter“intrion did not disappoint us to get our first lines ready for serialized packaging with the inspection system of our choice! The machines, both for item level serialization and shipper case level aggregation have proven to be reliant and efficient. The impact on our existing lines was minimized and the intrion team open in communication and inventive in their approach.”
Dr. Alexander Jansen, Manager Packaging Materials Baxter.


Baxter-LogoWith a turnover of $ 14.2 billion in 2012, Baxter is one of the leading international players in the pharmaceutical industry and medical technology. The group has 50,800 employees, operates in over 60 countries and markets products in over 100 countries. Its 27 manufacturing plants are located throughout Europe, North America, South America and Asia. More than 70% of its turnover comes from industry-leading products that are the result of tireless research and development efforts. Europe is an important market for Baxter, and accounts for almost 30% of its turnover. The company employs 15,500 people at around 100 sites in Europe. The headquarters of Baxter Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) is located in Zurich, Switzerland.