Creating chocolate oranges with Carambar

Terry's orange
Ever heard of Terry’s Chocolate Oranges? They’re a unique British classic that are now seen all over the world. Each chocolate orange contains about 20 delicious segments of melt-in-your-mouth orange flavoured chocolate. Together with Carambar, intrion innovated the production method. We developed a production process that can handle more than 250,000 segments per hour. Production will be fully up and running by the end of 2018. Looking forward to the first new chocolate oranges? Our mouths are watering already…


Learn more about Carambar?

Carambar & Co is a new major player in the French chocolate and sweets sector. A division of Eurazeo, the company has acquired a number of iconic brands from Mondelez. Terry’s Oranges is only one of these. By investing in R&D, production and marketing, they aim to breathe new life into these brands and intrion is helping them with the development of a new production line in Strasbourg.