Integration project with 25 subcontractors

Baby girl (9-12 months) drinking from bottle.

An important international player in the baby milk powder market has approached intrion with an order for, besides a second filling and packing line, a third canning line. The production line will fill premium packages with powder, ready for shipping to the Chinese market. To best satisfy the customers demands and to deliver an ideal fit for the application, intrion will integrate equipments from more than 25 subcontractors. The new line will also depalletise and palletise boxes and crates. intrion provides the full engineering (mechanical, electric, PLC, robotics and PC), the dynamic steering and serialisation.

In the pharma world, serialisation has been a hot topic for a long time: every little box and every bundle, carton and pallet receiving a unique code for maximum traceability. This strategy targets is to battle counterfeiting while ensuring patient safety. Every country has a different emphasis expressed through legislation. China expectations on the subject are high, they are demanding complete traceability for milk powder as of 2016. And with good reason; in 2008, the industry was struck by a scandal in which Chinese milk powder was mixed with white food colouring.

This wonderful integration project will be ready for production in the spring of 2016 following IQ/OQ/PQ validation.