intrion speaks at E-fulfilment event

Automatic warehouse for multichannel sales impresses


Online shopping is on the rise. More and more production companies are exploring the possibility of online selling by themselves. But consumers are demanding and want their packages quickly. That has a major impact on the organisation of your warehouse. And how do you reconcile that cost-effectively with deliveries to traditional distribution channels?

intrion at e-fulfilment eventValue Chain brought different stakeholders together at E-fulfilment to exchange views on this. The stakeholders included logistics service providers and suppliers of automation and ICT. intrion was one of the speakers, with a presentation on “How multichannel automation can lead to a success story”. For a full house we presented the case of a project at Bijou in France, a producer of madeleines, biscuits and cakes.



3 channels, 1 platform

Bijou launched a multichannel concept. The company has its own online shop, delivers directly to entities (schools, companies, hospitals, petrol stations, hotels, restaurants, etc.) via its own supply chain, and has a third sales channel with retailers. Bijou has about 10 production lines. In addition to this they distribute a series of items, which are produced externally, via the same platforms.

intrion has automated that entire process. We delivered the automatic transport system to an intermediate buffer with a capacity of 30,000 trays, each with 2, 3 or 4 products. The total maximum capacity is therefore 120,000 SKUs.


Synchronous with transport planning

DSC_0178The order picking occurs automatically and simultaneously on full pallets, mixed pallets and in boxes for e-commerce. Everything must be delivered in sequence by item level and synchronised with transport planning. A fine example of complex hardware and software controls from intrion.

During the networking moments after the presentation we made contact with different interested companies. And they were clearly impressed.