Supply Chain Innovation



We will once again be part of the Supply Chain Innovation event on March 22. Together with our partner Debaenst, we will be talking about how we innovated their warehouse with robotics, fully automatic stockage, customer-specific labelling, packaging and order picking.


Debaenst specialises in beef products for wholesalers and retailers. Thanks to Innovative Warehouse Management, intrion has made the difference:

  • The products are now transported to an automated interim storage facility fully automatically – as blank stock.
  • When a customer places an order, the products are retrieved from stock fully automatically and labelled and packaged for that specific customer.
  • And if a customer wants to reorder, the reorder is processed in a flexible manner and easily integrated into the final process.
  • Robots are used for automated product ordering and order picking.


Want to find out more? Come to Supply Chain Innovation and listen to what Alain Monteyne, CEO of Debaenst, has to say about this partnership.


Download the program of Supply Chain Innovations ’18 here.



Thursday 22 March 2018 from 8 am to 6 pm.


AED Studios
Fabriekstraat 38
2547 Lint