Unilin automates order picking and reduces waste

UnilinUnilin, the manufacturer of Quick-Step and Pergo laminate, sells its products as full pallets or through an order picking service. Currently, order picking is done semi-automatically, but due to increasing demand, Unilin wants to automate this process still further. Because of the different product dimensions and the requirement that all pallets must still be stackable (regardless of the number of boxes on a pallet), this is an ambitious and very complex project.

Because the order pickers must now cut the foil and straps of the source pallets, a lot of needless waste is generated. Therefore, intrion will also build two new packaging lines, whereby the packaging of the pallets no longer occurs in production, but can be done just before dispatch to the customer, when the order picking has already been done.

This project has a major impact on the production line and internal logistics. intrion draws on all its know-how and expertise to succeed in the project. The overall project will be operational by mid-2015.