Whether your system is fully automated or manuel, intrion will find your best solution

serialisatie_NLWe’d be happy to create a serialisation module for your fully automated line. This means that the system will print and check the unique code (2D, data matrix or numeric code) on each package and remove unreadable items immediately. The codes are stored in the database, together with the product’s properties. You will then have a traceable drug that complies with the new regulations, ready to be safely sent throughout the world.

aggregatie_NLWe can also create customised mobile units that supply packaging with serial numbers when items are being packed by hand into transport boxes. The serial number of each packet of drugs is automatically linked via a camera to the unique codes on the transport boxes and registered in the database. Your products will thus be in compliance with the regulations and ready for the market.


intrion’s strenghts

intrion offers overall automation solutions for the pharmaceutical sector. Our i-concept has already been successfully implemented in a wide range of pharmaceutical companies, and you can also rely on intrion for serialisation and aggregation.

When things need to be done quickly
intrion can provide your existing lines with the necessary functionality in a very short time so as to ensure compliance with the impending legislation, ensuring you won’t lose any business.
Customised solutions
It doesn’t have to be standard! We implement solutions that are customised to your existing line and adjusted to its speed as well as to its specific requirements.
Independent integrator
Not only does intrion manufacture customised installations, we also adapt various systems to one another so as to form a seamlessly integrated whole. We also incorporate the 21 CFR part 11 compliant camera inspection system of your choice.
A true partner
We are on your side. Together we will find the best solution to suit your specific situation. Your personal contact person will follow your automation project from start to finish, or from Aggregation to Serialisation, allowing you to carry on doing what you do best.

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